Everything You Should Consider When Buying A Refurbished Phone

When buying a brand new smartphone could cost you as much as $1,000, it’s easy to understand why someone would consider buying a refurbished phone instead. Although some people may be wary of this idea, the truth is that there are plenty of reasons why purchasing a refurbished handset should be considered, especially if you take into consideration some common-sense tips before you buy. 

Why You Should Consider Buying A Refurbished Phone

A refurbished phone simply means that it is a pre-owned handset that has been sent back by its previous owner due to failure, dissatisfaction, or in exchange for a newer model and has since been repaired.  

The main difference between a refurbished phone and a phone that classifies as “used” is that a used handset is bought straight from the previous owner, whereas a refurbished one is provided by a trustworthy dealer or sometimes even the original manufacturer. Before selling, many refurbished phones are thoroughly checked and tested, and some may even come with new parts, such as the battery or accessories. And best of all, the cost is usually significantly less than a new phone. 

Most of those looking for a refurbished phone look at price tags when choosing them. For example, you could get a refurbished iPhone 7 Plus directly on Apple’s website for $470, while a new one costs $570.  

Furthermore, considering that most cell phones end up in landfills when owners upgrade, leading to environmental consequences, buying a refurbished phone means that one less phone winds up in a landfill.

What To Consider When Buying A Refurbished Phone

In order to make sure you get some actual savings, buying a refurbished phone involves some additional homework. Here are all the things to consider before making your purchase:

Who refurbished it?

Make sure that the company you’re buying your refurbished phone from is a reputable one. This means going through the company’s reviews and customer comments. Unless you’re purchasing it straight from Apple, Samsung, or AT&T, make sure to ask the vendor what the refurbishing process implies? If they refuse to disclose their process for professionally restoring the phone then it’s best to look elsewhere. 

Look for products that are certified pre-owned and do your research regarding the replacement parts used. Apple affirms to use the same replacement parts used in new models, meaning their refurbished phones come with a new battery, outer shell, cables, and accessories.

Amazon, Consumer Cellular and eBay are other retailers with a good reputation when it comes to selling refurbished smartphones. 

Read the small print

You should definitely avoid buying a refurbished phone that doesn’t offer a warranty and always make sure you’re clear about return policies. If something is wrong with your phone, it may take a while to show up, so you should demand at least a 30-day return policy to stay protected. 

No warranty offered is a red flag, since it means the vendor does not trust the quality of their repairs. This probably means that you shouldn’t trust it either.