Samsung Phone Repair

Whether it’s a broken screen, software issues, a malfunctioning battery or part replacing, AGEV Computers’ expert team of technicians is prepared to handle all of your Samsung phone repair issues in the North Carolina area.

By first performing a clear diagnosis to figure out what the problem is, we will then get hands on to repairing and leaving your phone in a better state than it was before you came to us.

First, we perform a clear diagnosis to figure out what the problem is. From there, we get straight to fully repairing your phone, leaving it in better condition than before.

NC residents in Rocky Mount, Wilson and Nashville can confide in AGEV Computers´expertise and professionalism to repair any Samsung phone.


Only Trust the Professionals

We know how important your phone is to you and how much of an inconvenience it is when it’s not working as well as it should be. When faced with Samsung phone repair issues, many users are tempted to find a solution themselves and search online for tutorials that may present a cheaper, DIY fix.

Unfortunately, the information found online isn’t always accurate and even if it is, the average person tends to lack the proper expertise required to execute the instructions correctly. This leads to even the smallest mistake resulting in permanent damage, erased files, and many other issues to your phone.  

Achieving perfect results the DIY way is difficult and tends to lead to mistakes that can be costly and much harder to repair in the long run.

At AGEV Computers we work with the best team of technicians to take care of your Samsung phone repair issues professionally, safely and at an affordable price.


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If you’re dealing with Samsung phone repair issues, consult our team of expert technicians for a solution that adjusts to your budget.

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