Local Dell Computer Repair Service

For customers located in the North Carolina area and in need of a trustworthy, local Dell computer repair service, AGEV Computers is the place to go.

At AGEV Computers we handle any type of issues that may arise with your computer, such as diagnostics to determine where the problem’s coming from, troubleshooting, general maintenance, repairs, software or hardware issues, network problems and more.

Get In- Person Support for Your Dell Computer

Your Dell computer is more than a tool; it’s a necessity. At AGEV Computers, our technicians understand this perfectly which is why we offer our clients in the Rocky Mount, Wilson and Nashville, NC area remote as well as in-person local Dell computer repair services.

With remote assistance, customers can give us a call, and our experts will engage in screen sharing, offering their help and assistance to any Dell computer problems, without the need of them leaving their home or office space. In some cases the computer may need to be brought into one of our shops in the NC area, however, most issues can be resolved quickly and easily through an assistive phone call.


In need of Dell computer repair services? Many will feel tempted to attempt the “DIY way” by following online suggestions and/or tutorials. However, fixing and repairing a computer isn’t something that just anyone can handle. This is especially true when you take into consideration that information online isn’t always trustworthy and even if it was,  most users lack the expertise and knowledge to follow the instructions appropriately. This can result in further damage to the equipment.

At AGEV Computers we count on our team of highly trained professionals, offering affordable prices and standing behind our mission to provide the best technology services to our customers.

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