iPhone Or Samsung? A Comparison To Help You Choose

It’s the age old question when it comes to high range smartphones: “iPhone or Samsung?”. Truth is there’s no right answer to that question and it all depends on what your budget and needs are when it comes to a smartphone. In this post we put the two rivals side by side so that you get to decide which one wins for you.

Operating System

The first thing that comes to mind in the iPhone or Samsung debate is the operative system they each rely on. Apple’s iOS is widely known for its simplicity, if you want a phone that is easy to understand from the very first moment, then Iphone is probably the one for you. Since only Apple can check changes and apps in the App Store, they guarantee a certain degree of quality which means you will almost always have a smooth user experience with iOS.

However, the reason why many users decide to go for Android phones is because of their highly customizable features, hence why it takes a little longer to master navigating around it than it does with the iPhone, meaning you can pretty much adjust your phone to your tastes and needs adding all sorts of widgets and external apps.

Quality And Durability

In the iPhone or Samsung comparison, durability is an important question to ask. More expensive models tend to be just as durable as an iPhone, whose higher prices come from being made with high-quality materials and finishes, whereas cheaper ones lack these qualities.

While all iPhones are made with the same glass and aluminum as their main materials, only Samsung’s pricier models come with this advantage. Until the Galaxy S6, all of Samsung’s phones were mostly made of polycarbonate, which is a type of very hard plastic. Samsung has now since recognizably improved their finishes, offering better materials and a more luxurious feel that compares to the iPhone’s distinctive one.

Storage Capacity

Depending on your needs, you may want a lot of storage capacity, or at least would like the option to have a little more just in case.

Whichever works for you, Samsung is the only one in this debate that provides an expandable memory feature, one shared through most of their phone models, allowing you to increase storage capacity beyond what is built into the phone.

Apple phones on the other hand, only come with their built in storage, without the option of adding a Micro SD and maxing out at 512GB of internal storage, while Samsung lets you have as much as 1TB in the case of the Note 9 and an added 512GB memory card.

H3: Range And Prices

When choosing an iPhone, there’s only a few models you can go for and they all come with a heftier price tag than most other phones in the market, with newer models surpassing the $1,000 mark. While there aren’t that many substantial differences between differently priced iPhones other than storage capacity, screen resolution and security upgrades here and there, if you choose one of these, you know you’re set for a few years, but that may not be the same case for Samsung.

With Samsung phones, you have plenty of models to choose from, but some cheaper models are made with lower quality materials and can quickly become outdated. However, there’s still a lot to choose from ranging from the simplest phones to the most specialized ones. When choosing a Samsung, it’s important to first do some research to choose something that suits your actual needs.

iPhone vs Samsung: Who Wins?

In the end, both manufacturers come with their advantages and disadvantages, each with different features that will satisfy some and prove insufficient to others, so there’s not really a winner in the battle of iPhone or Samsung given that whichever works best for you will depend entirely on your budget and expectations of what your phone should be able to do.

While the battle between these two remains, users prove to be the most benefited thanks to the constant upgrades and new models coming from both manufacturers in order to prove themselves king of the smartphone market.