How To Choose Between Mac And PC? A Guide 

When it comes to purchasing a new computer, many users will find themselves looking at the options and not really knowing how to choose between Mac and PC. If you count yourself amongst them, then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know to help you make an informed decision about which to buy.

The main differences between Mac and PC are their respective user interfaces and user experiences. Though both systems have evolved over time, placing their focus on the quality and variety of features offered, these two aspects are very different between each operating system. 

 While Mac stands out for a very straightforward and polished experience and design, Windows will allow for greater customization, and although they’re both capable of handling word processing, file scrolling, image views, and all the other basic things you’d expect a computer to do, the way they do so is tremendously different from one OS to the other. 


Two computers facing each other with blue background. One is a Mac one is a PC

In terms of software, Windows comes with the advantage that almost any app you install will be compatible with the operating system. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for Mac. Since its software ecosystem can be a bit narrower, it’s likely that a few programs that you’re used to won’t be able to run if you opt for a Mac, which is something you’ll want to take into consideration, especially if you have a program you absolutely love or depend on that won’t work on a Mac.

When it comes to business computing or gaming uses, for example, PC is much more capable of handling a great variety of applications than Mac. 

However, Windows’ main drawback is its high susceptibility to viruses. This is not to say that Mac is completely safe from malware, but it is much less vulnerable than its Windows counterpart.

Also, keep in mind that while you can run Windows on a Mac via various programs that allow you to do so, you won’t be able to run a Mac OS on any Windows PC, and even if you do, chances are it won’t work properly, so why bother? 


The main difference you’ll find when trying to choose between Mac and PC will definitely be the hardware aspect. While Macs have a pretty characteristic design that focuses on a sleek, minimalist view, PCs offer all kinds of different choices in terms of hardware. Because they’re not manufactured by one single brand, you can choose from many different options in terms of processor, storage, and types of hardware, going from laptops to desktops, tablets, and 2-in-1 devices.

Currently, Mac offers around five product lines: Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac mini, iMac and the Mac Pro. When it comes to PC, though, you’ll find a wide variety of shapes, sizes and specifications, with as many as 11 different brands producing them.


One of the main differences when choosing between Mac and PC has to be the price tag. You’ll find only a few Mac products selling for less than $1000, while PCs can come in a wide range of prices, from the lowest to the highest – though they’re usually more affordable than Macs anyway. 

However, the main issue with comparing prices between Mac and PC comes down to the fact that their software packages are vastly different, so even if you find one of each with the same processor speed, RAM, graphics, and memory, their OS will still be highly different and recommended for different functions. 

If you’re only using your computer for basic tasks, such as checking emails, using a word processor, and browsing the web, you probably won’t need to invest all the money a Mac requires. 


Depending on what you intend to use your computer for, performance is an important aspect to look into when making the choice between Mac and PC. Macs will usually outperform low-end PCs since the brand’s product lines generally boast more expensive and better-quality parts, though that comparison may not be as easy when placing higher-end PCs next to Macs. 

Either way, Mac users can expect a faster processor than PCs usually offer, which makes them more adequate for high-performance tasks, such as video and photo editing or graphic design. 

The Final Choice: Mac vs PC

Ultimately, the right choice depends on you and your particular needs. 

Depending on your budget, preferences, and the tasks that you will use your computer for, going through this guide on how to choose between Mac and PC carefully should’ve already provided you with all you need to know.