Custom Built Computers in Wilson, NC

Finding the right computer can be difficult. In many cases, the computer may not have certain features that you want or need. Fortunately, AGEV Computers offers custom-built computers to Wilson, NC residents and businesses.

Get the exact computer you want by creating a custom computer with the help of experts at AGEV Computers. Our team of professionals proudly offers custom built computers that Wilson, NC residents can rely on.

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Repair and Service for Custom-Built Personal Computers

Live in Wilson, NC and already own a custom-built computer? You may have noticed that not many people know how to service or repair it. That’s because a lot of companies are only familiar with common, “big name” computers that are currently on the market.

AGEV Computers is experienced with working on all kinds of custom-built PCs.. If you run into a problem or issue with your custom computer, you can be reassured knowing that we can help, whether we built it or not!


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No matter where you are in your journey towards being the owner of a custom PC, we can offer you professional assistance to provide the custom features you need.

We have a wide selection of custom computers to choose from, or we can design and build one just for you.
We also service and repair all types of custom PCs. In short, we are the best spot in Wilson for all of your custom computer needs.

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