Computer Support

Computers may be complex and impressive machines, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t encounter problems from time to time. Fortunately, when they do, there is computer support professional who can help.


Computer support is really an umbrella term that covers a lot of “fixes” and assistance for various computer problems. Some of the things that fall under the computer support services umbrella include:

  • Diagnostics to determine what the problem is
  • Troubleshooting
  • General maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Combatting software and hardware issues
  • Network configurations/network problems,

Get Help In-Person or Remotely

One of the really nice things about computer support service options at AGEV is that we give you the option of getting assistance either in-person or remotely.

With remote help, customers can often call into a support service, engage in screen sharing, and get help and guidance with their problem all without leaving their own home or office. In some cases, depending on the issue, the computer may need to be brought in, but most issues can easily and quickly be serviced remotely, which is very convenient for people who live busy lifestyles and need to get their computers working again right away.

The Dangers of “Doing it Yourself”

Unfortunately, some may not want to pay for PC support, even though we offer these services at very affordable prices.  As a result, people will often go online and attempt to find “do it yourself” fixes, which often may result in disaster.

The information that can be found online is not always accurate. Sometimes, following it can even permanently damage a computer, erase important files, or cause other issues. Furthermore, even when the information found online is accurate, the average person typically may not have the computer expertise required to execute the instructions correctly.

For all of these reasons, it is always better and safer to leave the computer support jobs up to a professional.

Finding Help

If you are experiencing computer issues, then your next step is to contact AGEV computer support service to assist you today!