The Advantages of Custom-Built Gaming Computers

Designing your own custom-built gaming computer can be a rewarding experience. It comes with a sense of pride and feels more personal. Plus, your custom-made computer holds many advantages over the generic boxed computers from a manufacturer. The quality, value, and ability to customize make for a better computer that will perform the way you want it to. Some of the advantages of a custom-built gaming computer include: 

Performance and ReliabilityCustom PC Case Mod concept with Cpu liquid cooling system, motherboard, case led kit and RGB fan.

The demands modern video games place on a PC continue to rise. Having the right equipment can allow you to get the performance you need. 

When you choose the parts for a custom-built gaming computer, you have a better idea of how everything will work together. This can help you avoid the poor performance and unreliability that often come with an out-of-the-box PC where the manufacturer used one or more cheap parts.

Save Money

Getting the most value for your money is important when building your gaming computer. 

A custom-built computer can create opportunities to save money on different fronts. For example, you can focus more on your desired specifications when building your own PC, so you’re not locked into a costly, pre-made build like you are with many manufacturers. That way, you can focus your dollar on what’s most important to you. Buying parts individually also allows you to take advantage of sales so you can build your gaming computer at the lowest possible cost.

Choose Your Own Specs

If you’re a person who wants a custom-built PC, you likely know what specs will best fit your requirements. Whether you’re a programmer, gamer, or anything in between, a custom-built computer allows you to get exactly what you need without extra cost or hassle.


When you custom-build a gaming computer, it’s much easier to upgrade in the future. If you want to add a new component, you don’t have to worry about voiding your warranty. You are also able to add parts that have the capability of more upgrade options. Computer manufacturers often use planned obsolescence to get you to buy a new computer if you want to maintain top performance. This won’t be a problem when you have a custom-built PC.

Warranties for Individual Parts

Buying a computer from a manufacturer doesn’t have the same protection as a custom-built PC, which allows you to secure warranties for individual parts. 

Most individual parts come with a longer warranty and won’t be voided as easily as a warranty on the entire machine. Warranties on individual parts can also prevent you from having to send the full machine in if a part needs to be repaired or replaced. This means you can swap out a part and continue to use your computer instead of waiting weeks or months for the manufacturer to do the job.

No Pre-installed Bloatware

These days, it’s impossible to find a computer from a manufacturer that isn’t loaded with bloatware. These programs are rarely useful and can negatively affect the performance of your PC. When you have a custom-built gaming computer, you will be able to choose which software to add from the start. This allows you to keep your computer performing at the highest level.

Impress Your Friends

While we may not like to admit it, one of the best parts of having a high-powered gaming rig is the bragging rights. When your computer is custom-built, it comes with more pride. You know every part in it, and you can explain why you got them and how powerful they are to your friends. 

And, while that might not be reason enough to custom-design your computer, at least not on its own, it’s definitely a nice incentive when considered among all the other benefits presented here.

Contact us to enjoy these benefits and start your custom-build today. You won’t regret it!